The best Finland for everyone 

Our goal is a free, prosperous, open and competitive Finland. This is the best Finland for everyone: individuals, companies and the business sector. That is our mission. 

About us

    The Finland Chamber of Commerce and 19 Chambers of Commerce throughout Finland work for the future and jobs, for Finland and the Finns. We have 21,000 member companies in a range of industries. Our member companies account for approximately 50% of business turnover and about 40% of jobs in Finland. Our operations are governed by the Chamber of Commerce Act

    Chamber of Commerce group 

    The Finland Chamber of Commerce is located in Helsinki and operates nationwide. The Finland Chamber of Commerce has approximately 40 employees. 

    There are 19 independent Chambers of Commerce and they operate all over Finland. Altogether the Chambers of Commerce have around 200 employees. The companies are members of the Chamber of Commerce in their region, and each Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Finland Chamber of Commerce.  


    The future of Finland has been built on strong values. Freedom and responsibility, a functioning market economy and free competition, and opportunities for equality for every person and company to develop and succeed in doing so. 

    Our values  

    The values of the Chambers of Commerce are reliability, expertise, cooperation and internationalism. 

    Operational priorities 

    The goal of our operations is effectiveness. Effectiveness consists of services for members, customers and society at large, cash flows and resources, as well as visibility and relevance. Promoting business and self-regulation by business is a particularly important part of our operations. 

    Types of advocacy 

    Our advocacy is solution-oriented. We offer solutions to societal and business problems. We network and collaborate with different actors, policymakers and the media. We operate locally, nationally, at European and global level.